Lace ankle boots

If fit is the aim, this cut will deliver, Calf upper and natural cow lining.

IMG_2115 IMG_2109

Plain wingtip


Wingtip Oxfords

This made to order pair is in calf leather upper and vegetable tan kip lining.



Derby Ankle boots

This pair is in calf leather upper and fully hand welted, The edges are glazed with white waxes made in our shop.IMG_1914 IMG_1915 McInnis boots

Two buckles monk

Finally welted, This pair of two buckles monk is made with shrunken leather upper and veg tan kip lining, Fully hand welted and whip stitched heel seats, Pattern drafted by Marina A.Image

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Nasser Vies



Ankle boots

These three holes tie booties are in calf leather upper and hand welted, Both upper vamps and lining  vamps were crimped before attaching.





Few words about the shoe & pattern making course,

First and foremost, “Shoemaking is a vocation,” It is applied science and art, It is called the “gentle craft” and it isn’t a hobby, because of the length of time taken to master it, It’s like a revelation, it comes piece by piece periodically until  the “correct ideal” is fixed in the mind of the student. The reason and the aim of the course is to help beginner shoemakers to see the whole picture, from taking feet measurements to selecting lasts, taping and cutting formes  from last, making  pattern from the formes, cutting and sewing the paper pattern to leather with its lining and after the upper sewn together the students shoemaker will be taught how to last his or her uppers to make an actual shoe, Knife sharpening, skiving leather and thread making are essentials in the hand making of footwear and they will be demonstrated and all these will take practice time to do well, It is 19 century  shoemaking, just before the arrivals of the machines,This is a three years project, taught in three weeks, (120 hours) Two of the principal designs, the Derby and the Oxford will be cut and made to shoes during the course, Just the tip of an iceberg, It is the responsibility of the initiated  to pursue and develop his or her techniques and style, Which in reality define good work from bad work. If you are thinking of taking the shoemaking & pattern cutting course with me, it will help me and you so much, if you take some time to study foot anatomy, prepare yourself by learning the names of different parts of the shoe or how does the foot works in walking by observing one’s own feet in walking and when one realized that the same foot changes shapes three times in one step (relevant to shoemaking), One will be better prepared to shoe fit it well.

The use of video recorders are not allowed during  class,  Cellphones use only for emergency calls, Picture taking allowed at the appropriate time, I strongly believe the use of the devices mentioned above can destruct the brain from analysing what the eyes are seeing.

Nasser Vies