Holy cow, Shoe Leather

Every experienced artisan craft person knows the importance of his or her medium role  in the finish product and for us shoemakers the medium is leather, (The skin of  animals), Cattle  skins specially calf  skins, the favorite of shoemakers, but not any calf, The process of tanning well (turning raw skins into leather)  is  very old and skill work, Knowledge accumulated by long history of doing and that’s why not all leather created equal, On the other hand, To make the ideal/perfect shoe, one needs well tanned leather, The one that has retained it’s nature after the tanning is done, Bad chrome tanning will kill the nature of the skins, To me the fibers of  leather are like living being.

The leather you see below is prime example of well tanned calf leather for city wear, produced from alpine grazed cattle which are treated like a member of the family. The black box calf is from WEIHEIMER  LEDER tannery,  Germany, The 3 skins in the middle are tanned in Italy by the Zonta family tannery, smooth with silky feel and one tan bubble grain, The double sided full skin on the left is from Annonay  in France, I like their tanning, They have been tanning there since 12 century. I will come back and say few words about the cost involved in making a pair of custom shoes.




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  1. Posted by William Askew on February 28, 2017 at 9:24 pm

    Very interesting and informative. Thank you Nasser.


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