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Shoemaking courses for the year 2017

Here are the dates for the year 2017 Shoemaking & pattern cutting courses, The course is 3 weeks long, 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Each student will have the opportunity to make a pair of Derby and a pair of Oxford for their own feet to help them understand the relation between lasts and feet to achieve correct fit. Sewing, knife sharpening. thread waxing and the principals of lasting/bottoming will be taught, Tools and materials are provided during the course. The cost for the course is $ 3000.00

For more details and how to book for a course, Please email me at

Here are the dates for 2017 courses:

May. 08. 2017 to May. 26. 2017                       2 seats are booked

June. 05. 2017 to June. 23. 2017                       1 seat booked

July. 10. 2017 to July. 28. 2017                         2 seats are booked