Season greetings & Happy new year

These double buckles monk shoes are in French calf and kip lining._31A5374 (2)


Double buckles monk under construction.

Lasted and the heel seat is stitched,  The welt and the soles are mellowing and ready for inseaming tomorrow, just to show you what goes inside a pair of hand made shoes.

The nails will be removed and replaced by a hand sewn welt, eliminating all use of metals in the construction, Hence we say, We make shoes with leather and thread only, Not for the sake _31A5236_31A5240of purity or the like, But an empirical conviction in the ideal pair of shoes.

Ankle boots in Shell Cordovan

The horse, The most beautiful animal also produces the most beautiful leather, This pair are in two tones Shell Cordovan,_31A5126 (2)_31A5129 (2)_31A5155 (2) That is the ( cross-pieces of horse-butt), Hand welted and sewn heel seat, pegged heel stacks.

Shoemaking & pattern cutting courses for 2018

Here are the dates for the year 2018 shoemaking  and pattern cutting courses, Each course is 3 weeks long, 120 hours, 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Each student will be helped to make the two principle designs, The Oxford and the Derby, These two designs are essential for those who don’t  have previous training or those never made shoes before.

knife sharpening, leather skiving, sewing, thread making, lasting and pattern making will be demonstrated, A heavy load to master in 3 weeks, The students are encourage to continue to complete the training on their own or take a further advanced short course with me or somewhere else if necessary.

I am introducing, Buy your own  bespoke lasts for your own feet and yours to keep for the upcoming courses, Each student is asked to purchase his/her own lasts from Spring line lasts in Northampton England, I can help with how to measure your feet (if from far away), local students can get their feet measured at my shop in Toronto. Having your own lasts sorted out beforehand will free two days of the course which we can focus on more important lessons.

The cost to take a 3 weeks course is $3000. Two students per class

Here are dates for 2018 shoemaking courses:

1-  Monday April 02 to April 20. 2018

2- May 07 to May 25. 2018

3- June 04 to June 22. 2018

Contact me by phone or email on how to book a seat for a course.

Thank you.



2017 Shoemaking courses.

Balmoral lace ankle boots

This pair is in French calf and kip lining, Hand In-seamed and out-seamed all around avoiding the use of tacks and nails and the evil they may cause in the course of time, The heel stacks are wood pegged._31A2532 (2)_31A2544 (2)_31A2550 (2)_31A2529 (2)_31A2531 (2)

Recent work from the shoe shop.

These two pairs are made to order, hand welted, whip stitched heel seat and pegged heel stacks.