Whole cut shoes


Old red bison leather and veg tan kip lining, The edges are burnished using Carnauba wax.

Shoemaking & Patternmaking courses for 2016

Here are the dates for two shoemaking courses in 2016 and there might be a third  for the fall of 2016 which i will post the date later. The course is 3 weeks long, 5 days a week, 9 am to 5 pm. Each student will get to make two pairs of shoes, A pair of Derby and a pair of Oxfords in plain. Knife sharpening, thread making and sewing will be demonstrated, Tools and leather are provided during the course. The cost is $2800. Canadian.

To reserve a seat for the course is to submit feet measurements (form provided) and %50 of the cost.

For more info, email me:   nasser.vies@gmail.com


The dates are:

June. 6. 2016 to June. 24. 2016

August. 8. 2016 to August. 26. 2016               Full.

I have added a course for the fall of 2016.

October 24, 2016 to November 11, 2016                      2 seats open






From our September and October 2015 classes

I want to wish all of you who took the pattern and shoe making courses with me this year, A happy and successful journey of learning, designing and making, The two pairs that we patterned and lasted and finished during the course are but a small number of the work ahead of you, Seven years you have to perfect your skills and gather the tools you need, knock on master shoemakers doors if you think you can be of help to them and them to you. Shoe making is life time learning, God created the foot very complex and it is our job to fit a foot shape that changes shapes with every step, So know your limits, Don’t make the top of the shoe facings so high that it will pinch the foot nor the back seam so high that digs into the foot at the top, be practical, shoe making is both art and applied science, a study in foot anatomy is very useful for every shoemaker. all the best.


From our July 2015 Shoemaking course.

july 2015 classIMG_2438IMG_2441

Lace ankle boots

If fit is the aim, this cut will deliver, Calf upper and natural cow lining.

IMG_2115 IMG_2109

Plain wingtip


Wingtip Oxfords

This made to order pair is in calf leather upper and vegetable tan kip lining.




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